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. you're watching fuse news -- cbs5 eyewitness news on the cw round two of storms just getting started. we'll pinpoint the areas that will get hit the hard sgles a bay area rap you busted by the feds. >> cops a-hear a lot of ex- excuses for bad driving but wait until you hear this excuse. >> let's get to chief meteorologist paul deanno who is draking this storm. >> and there is now a lot to track. we're seeing a lot of activity
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just to the north of the golden gate and anywhere north and west of interstate 80. look at the radar, see how active it is. clear lake pouring, hidden valley lake, pouring, santa rosa, north up to clover dale, it is pouring. that's nevada nevada and the bay. south of the golden gate is not getting heavy rain fall. all of that heavy rain is creeping slowly to the south. it's going to be a wet day all day tomorrow, windy at times with rough surf. the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for the coastline and all moint nous areas and the north bay
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and wand advisory is in effect for tomorrow morning. this is just in, look at this future cast, by 5:00 sunday, total rain fall there is not one part of the bay area that will receive less than three inches of rain. the rain will be pouring o over the next three days. . >> all right paul, thanks. north bay, that's where it's happening, elizabeth cook is getting drenched. >> that's right, allen, the rain has started to pick up in strength over the last couple of minutes. this area is extra vulnerable because it's in a low lying area so all the storm water from the creeks and tributaries flow straight into the river behind me and that flows straight to the middle of f town dmr a soggy thursday evening for people living here. much like the slow moving storm, the rain slowly got stronger as the night went on.
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with nearly a foot of rain expected in the next several days, these businesses set up sandbags. many had been flooded before. the city is no stranger to massive floods. the worst was back in 1982 causing $28 million in damage. since then they've invested nearly $40 million into the river control project. this man has been in the coast guard for ten years and he says even though the city has a bad past with storms thshgs time they are ready. >> the city has tons of things in place so i think they're well prepared.. >> now, santa rosa city schools sent out after a warning to parents saying they
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may have to cancel school. they should know by tomorrow morning. also the fire department has set up extra sandbags at the north end of the street. >> and cbs5 mark in nevada, another area getting hit hard tonight. . >> well, allen, the rain wasn't much of a factor until about 8:30 this evening. we're going push into this light post here. you might be able to see the sheets coming in. the other thicks we've noticed here is the winds. it seems like we've had substantial wind gusts over the past 45 minutes or so. a feeling that they could be 15, possibly 20 miles an hour. o so the wind is the more significant factor here. we don't have any wind at the moment but it's really just pushing this water. you can see the sheets pushing
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through in front of lights. so far traffic along 101 doing fine. no problems in nevada or the shopping center so good news to report from here. >> take shelter in the news van. you can get live high deaf doppler for your -- def doppler at any time at the website. >> there are a number of flight dwe lace because the lights are out at one of the run ways at the airport. several people trying to fly out of oakland and san jose tonight tweeted they were stuck because of that outage. flights were delayed about an hour tonight the outage is on the out bound lane. >> he was on the run for seven months but a bay area rapper's luck ran out.
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chris tells us now he is taking center stage in an international drug ring investigation. >> they call him miami the most. his real name is michael lot. he belongs to biz entertainment. a front ns gators say for a drug dealing business. investigators say they have video of members selling drugs to undercover police officers. several other people were also selling drugs out of the neighborhood. >> investigators took down 25 other people associated with the company. >> if you're being unjustly charged that's unfair. >> the feds seized 45,000
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ecstasy pills and $200,000 in dirty money. they say there are two rappers still on the run including this man, bruce, little bruce they areman and pebbles cook. . >> we have about a month until fall off the fiscal cliff. but lawmakers don't seem closer to pulling us back from the edge. the treasury secretary twoint capital hill to pitch the president's plan. it includes $1.6 trillion in new tax revenue but it doesn't say where the savings will come from. house republicans called it an insult. >> despite the claims that the president supports a balanced approach, the democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts. >> we are waiting for some
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spifks som somewhere -- specific some where from your republican colleagues to show they're serious. >> if a compromise isn't reached by years end automatic tax hikes will kick you in. . >> president obama and mitt romney met face to face for the first time since their campaign. they sat down for a lunch. they discussed american leadership in the world and flej pledged to stay in touch. >> the supreme court could take up the same sex marriage debate as soon as tomorrow. we will know as soon as a list of cases is posted. if the pr prop eight-case is on the list, it could be decided by next summer. if it's not, then the ban will stand and then the marriages
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would become league legal. >> the sneak attack on a bay area driver that led to all of this damage. >> roads -- room to grow. the bay area city that apple is moving into. >> and powerball is coming to california, when tickets will go on sale.
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. >> a trucker who took out ten vehicles as he barrelled through an east bay car lot says he was under a spell, a sneezing spell. . >> this is thousand accident scene lookeded from chopper five. the driver of a big truck claims he had a sneezing attack
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and slammed into ten trucks in a used car lot. surveillance cameras at a nearby business capture the clash. if you look carefully at this video, can you see a big truck flouing -- plowing intie flat bed truck. then watch as the front of the flat approximate bed is tossed against other trucks in the used car lot. >> i was just like no. >> there's the damage to the back of the flat bed truck that took the first impact. police say the driver was not on drugs or under the influence, they say it appeared to be a freak accident. >> look at the surveillance video again, the driver hit the brakes after he hit the flat bed. police say that supports the claim that he was distracted from the road after back to back to back sneezes.
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. >> a couple of these vehicles were sold. i've got to call the people and tell them don't come pick it up. >> it's devastating because my dad has built it pr the ground up and he works seven days a week to put me and my sisters through college. >> workers at the lot say they're glad no one was hurt. . >> apple is getting more room to grow. a planned expansion into santa clara will provide o work space. one person in particular is rolling out the welcome matt. >> take a look around the apple l campus at lunchtime and you see a company bursting at the seams. that's the hustle bustle santa
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clara mayor says it will bring to his city. apple is investing in two buildings on north stevens creek boulevard. it will be the future work place for 12 hundred apple l employees. >> what it says is that apple is recovering and continuing to move and grow and we're excited to be part of it. >> the ink isn't dry yet on the building set to replace their other head quarters. . >> san jose is next in line and we're starting to feel that interest coming into this marketplace so the expansion is continuing. >> it is great for santa clara with the new 49ers stadium coming. >> we are well utilizing those
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19 square miles to ensure we have the revenues to be sustainable move over pleaded guilty millions and look out super lotto, powerball is coming to california. >> does california need yet another lottery game? the state says you bet. today the california state lottery commission voted unanimously to become the 43rd state to offer powerball. california has been hesitant to administer games but powerball promises to rake in up to $190 (19)000-0000 for education i think they're taking a conservative approach to introduce new games powerball's appeal comes from the giant jackpot. anti gambling experts say it will be irresistible to low
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income families. >> is that worth exploiting and hurting the very people that we hope some of these programs help. >> fast and easy mart in fremont has been on a ruk lucky streak selling several winning tickets in a few months. . >> if the winning powerball ticket is sold here what does that mean for you? >> it means a lot to me. i pay off all of my bills and probably go on vacation. >> and you can buy your first ticket april 8th and the first drawing is a couple of days after that. >> powerball tickets are two bucks aren't they? . >> i think so.
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>> thanks. and we still don't know who the winners are in last night's jackpot. two winning tickets were sold, one in missouri population 500 in that town. the winner or winners will be revealed tomorrow. the second winning ticket sold in arizona, so far nobody's come forward to claim that prize. >> we are hitting the jackpot in terms of water collection. >> yeah, it would be different if we had a burj of different winners to spread this out over. mother nature often not work that way. she gives it to us in buckets. you saw the rain, but check out the wind. these winds are kicking up with this front. 40 miles per hour here, alameda
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you had a 33 mile an hour wind gust. so it is wet but it is also windy. i thought we had heavy rain fall in the north bah bay. oh this isn't our radar. this is our high def radar. you can see anybody north of the golden gate, there's no reason to watch any other station except cbs5 we can show you exactly where it's raining . >> rain is now moving into the san francisco peninsula. alamo, almost to dan vil also. and a few showers are impacting the south. so the rain is on the increase is and will be increasing overnight. snow levels are pretty high but
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by tomorrow afternoon, two to three feet of new snow at the high elevation, by sunday, 7 or 8 feet of new snow. great for skiers not so great for flooding situations. there is a huge strong area of low pressure that's not moving. it is sitting and spinning right here. that's taking all of this tropical moisture, banging up against the low pressure area and turning east toward the west coast. this is a big rain problem from the bay area to the border of canada. we're going see most of the rain fall. something's got to change and by sunday, this low pressure area will move out. it will be wet and windy outside until then. tomorrow, pelosi.
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-- pelosi. get up -- early if you want to get out dry because it is going to rain tomorrowmessy. -- messy. get up -- early if you want to get out dry because it is going to rain tomorrow. >> highs in the mid-60s. montd we get a little break and then on tuesday we have scattered showers back. one bit of good news and that is it's november and the rivers are running so low that even all of this rain likely will not induce widespread river spreading. so folks thinking back to 2005, it's not going be like that because of the time of year. . >> hopefully those rivers will dissipate before we get another one.
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>> we need santa claus to arrive first before the next rain fall. >> okay. write that in your list. >> coming up, speaking of nice, how bieg a pair of boots turned one police officer into an internet sensation. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on,
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offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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deprimo. >> they say a picture is worth a thousand words and this next photo has been liked on facebook some 4 hundred thousand times it's a shot of human worth on a cold new york city street. . >> nypd officers may look tough as nails but look at this picture taken on a recent cold night. a police officer giving a homeless man with no shoes a pair of boots. >> i just looked down and you could see the blisters from a distance and it was so cold that i knew i had to do something. >> an arizona tourist took
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this snapshot with her cell phone. it shows officer larry deprimo offering a kinds gesture to a stranger. >> i asked him where his shoes were and he said he never had a pair of shoes. >> this week, this picture went viral getting viewed more than one and a half million times and the boots the officer gave the man were brand new. he'd gone into shoe store to buy them. >> he said he was interested in buying the shoes for the homeless man. >> the 25 year old officer just two years on the job brought a pair of socks and boots priced at $99 but they gave him a discount priced at 49.50. >> when i brought out the
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shoes, it was smiles ear to ear. it was amazing reaction from the tour that's took the picture? . >> honestly, i think that his mom did something right. >> the identity of the man is not known. the photo begs the question what would we do next time we see a person in need of clothes or shoes. >> he keeps the receipt in his pocket to reminds him that times are tough. >> he never had a pair of shoes. >> the officer received a common dags and a pair -- commendation and a pair of cuff links from the police commissioner. >> that story puttings things into -- puts things into per speckive. alex smith reacts to getting benched and a thriller in oklahoma that just ended and looks can be deceiving. it came down to the last shot.
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reacted. alex smith reacts to getting benched and a thriller in oklahoma that just ended and looks can be deceiving. it camedown to the last shot. fl drama raiders yesterday 49er quarterback alex smith found out he was benched, today rereacted. >> it sucks. i don't know what else to say. you state your case with your play and i feel like i did that. i feel like the only thing i've done to lose my job is get a concussion. it's a tough pill to swallow. >> more nfl drama, rolondo mcclain was told to stay away from practice today. he said on his facebook that he was no longer on the team. reports say he could be released soon. howabout nba, the warriors
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hosting denver, the warriors are up by three. then there is a foul worth three shots. he made the first two but the warriors knocked it out and one last chance to win the game. yes -- wait, wait, wait, did he get it off on time? oh he didn't. >> no, warriors won. . >> woman: oh!
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